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What's going on in your life today?  Share it with us.  

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Well today my son followed through with our plans. He picked up some food from Costco for me. After I put things away, we got started with one of my music projects. He was able to transfer the rhythm tracks for a song I composed 22 years ago into his digital program.  With that being done, another musician can add melody tracks. If I can get my friend Hunter to play the saxophone track, it would be great. 

We also got to video chat with my honorary son who's in Florida. He plays bass and just got a digital program. He called my son for advice on some of the functions. We're looking forward to him being able to work on songs with us now. 

Sounds like a fun and rewarding day.

Good news Diva!

Good Morning Everyone.  It feels like fall today.  It's 67 degrees and we are having a light rain.  I have no special plans for today other than the usual daily chores.  Have a good day all and stay safe and well.

 I worked all day, came home and picked what was ready in my little garden then fixed my dinner now relaxing in front of my computer. That was my exciting day then tomorrow I will start all over again.

Still raining thanks to Beta.  I guess the 20 inches of rain we got in August wasn't enough.  Thinking about all of you on the gulf coast that is getting hammered again. Take care all..stay safe.

 I'm taking down the summer decor so I can put out all things Fall. The temps are cool in the evenings now so cozy throws are nice on the porch now.




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