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Cloudy and cool...upper 50's after 87 yesterday, and 20+mph winds. Rain would be nice, but not too likely. Still predicting 30 degrees overnight, so need to cover the tomatoes. Going to join some friends for coffee later this morning. Since it's so cool, might make an apple crisp with my Yellow Transparent apples before they go bad (not keepers).

Rained heavy all day, yard under water.

We may go out and get groceries today. the Weather should be fine but getting more humid. Storms tomorrow so I am sure we will stay in from that .Exciting huh?

Lovely cool morning so far.  I managed to get my trash to the curb for pick-up.  Had my coffee and now sitting at the computer going over my e-mail and saying hello to friends and family.  Of course, I always check in here to see what is going on and when I finish my second cup of coffee, I will do a few everyday chores then it's back to the computer to socialize and maybe play a computer game or two.  Have no errands that I need to run today so I will take the day as it comes. 

Have a good day everyone. 

Definitely a cool morning here....31 degrees when I got up, so glad I covered the tomatoes and beans. Will go out later and see how they fared. Will only go to 36 tonight, so should be OK, and warm up is coming...a few more weeks of growing weather, looks like. I think I'll make that apple crisp sometime today.

Apple crisp is one of my favorite desserts.

Heading to feed store. My winter seed came in.

Nothing much. Hubby has a Dr. appointment later and then I have chores to do when we get home. Wishing you all a good day!

Never made it to the store yesterday as hubby finally went to the Dr. to find out what the pain in his ear is all about. It turns out his deviated septum needs to be addressed, wasn't his ear at all. So shopping Friday he has meeting on the phone the next two days.   

Went to kidney dr- for  routine visit- numbers very good- most same for  last 3 years- a few have even improved. Nothing else here. To be 85 today.

Only went to 34 overnight, so will uncover the tomatoes...checked them yesterday and they were OK, beans, too. Bright and sunny today...75 today and back to 80's tomorrow. There was a dusting of snow in the high country from the cold snap, now long gone. Chilly enough this AM for the heat to come on for a bit.

Cleaned up 2 miles of Rutersville today.




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