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Tell us where you are and how bad Covid is there.

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outskirts of Shelton Wa

no one in our immediate community

(20  miles from the actual town has illness)

we wear the masks only because I have to when around people in stores

NOT at church because we are spaced away from people

I personally have saved money because I mask up with my grocery list

stick to it

and get outside to car and home

on the positive side

our house has less




musical recordings

because they are donated and not replaced

NJ and new cases have been in the thousands every day for the last week. My son-in-laws uncle has been in the hospital for 4 months with cancer and now he has covid and will be sent to hospice. He's 61.

That's sad too young

Oh Lord Jozee! So sad about your SIL's uncle. That is young! Cancer is bad enough but COVID too!

In Flathead county...Kalispell, were I live, has the 2nd highest no. of cases in the state, exceeded only by Yellowstone county (Billings). The state has exceeded 10,000 cases and about 350 deaths. People here are not the brightest and we had a goodly no. of tourists. Personally. I wear a mask when out and about...grocery store once a week, occasionally Ace hardware, and one trip to Best Buy on Friday for a new TV (They are super strict about masks). Once a week I get together with my "social bubble" at a friend's home for coffee to maintain our sanity...most of us live alone or have minimal family, so we feel the risk is minimal. One of the group did have it, but had not been with us for several weeks prior...she has a lot of family and most of them don't have the sense that God gave a goose, so she has not been in our bubble.

Trumbull county OH, population 198 000. We have had 2,404 cases (up 183 since last week) and 134 deaths. And still, we are one of only 6 counties out of 88 in Ohio that is not currently listed in the high incidence spread category. 

7 active cases in my County last time I checked.

I live in Riverside county in southern California. Our total cases are over 50,000 with deaths about 1,500. Numbers were improving with mask wearing, bars, restaurants barbershops closed. When they started opening up, the numbers went up. Haven't had a haircut since January. I look like a dang hippie! There are lots of republican types who refuse to wear masks and flaunt the protective measures. drives me nuts.

Total number of positive cases in my state 222k (and rising), total number of deaths in the state is 1953 (and rising).

My county's total number of positive cases is 9626 (and rising), total number of deaths in my county is 75 (and rising)

Total number of positive cases in my city is 3,253 (and rising), active cases 696, out for isolation  2532, deaths 18

People in my state continue to got to bars and restaurants, have big parties and gatherings and many ignore the mask mandate in public. These people are putting us all at risk. The numbers speak for themselves. 

I'll wear a mask in stores etc just so I don't catch it.  I live on 5 acres as does the neighbor so we're pretty safe.  His wife works but there's not much interaction with her and usually outside.  

On October 24th it was reported that N.J. had it's highest number of cases for one day since May...1,994.  Our governor and his wife are currently quarantining due to exposure to the virus.




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