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How are you making out getting your covid vaccine?  

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We got our first innoculation (Moderna) last Friday and are scheduled for 2nd on March 8.  My reaction was just a little arm soreness like a flu shot. Josi had several days of feeling poorly. She said I was grumpy one day but I think I was just reacting to her. Our appointment went smoothly, no long lines or waiting outside or in the car.

I got my first (Pfizer) on Tuesday and will go for the 2nd on 3/2. With my disc problems, I have some nerve pain in my L arm, so can't really say if I was sore. It was at the fairgrounds expo building which is very close, and went very smoothly. My daughter in Sacramento had her 2nd on Wed. and did not feel well for several days, but she has immune problems and other health issues, so expected. I registered online and got mine ahead of my friends who registered by phone, but the health dept was getting 1000 calls a day. Glad the ball is rolling at last.

Still trying to get it; our county has run out of it. I wish we could get it; a good friend of ourse has been in the hospital with it for almost a month now; he's finally getting better but it's been really hard & scary.

Just got mine Friday (12th), Moderna. My arm is a little sore, but not as sore as it typically is after a flu shot. I feel so lucky to have gotten my first vaccination (second scheduled in March) as I know a lot of people scrambling to get appointments. 




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