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My best friend's son who is in his 50s and healthy for his age came down with the virus around Nov. 22.  His case was fairly mild and they told him to go home and just monitor it and quarantine. His wife also came down with it about the same time but seemed to have an even milder case than his.  She faired well but he kept having trouble breathing but it wasn't a constant thing.  They still didn't admit him to a hospital.  After a few days, he developed pneumonia.  That was last Friday.  The nearest hospital that had a room available was 150 miles away and as they were preparing to take him there, another hospital 60 miles away called and said they finally had a room available so that is where they took him.  His wife is finally over her episode with it but they still won't let her come to the hospital to be with him. AS far as I know, he hasn't been put on a ventilator but is hooked up to oxygen and still having trouble breathing.

Take care everyone and please follow the guidelines to avoid spreading this virus.  

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Their first symptoms were feeling extremely fatigued.

Wow, Syble, hoping for the best for him.

Thank you,

Hoping for the best Syble. He will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Sorry to hear this, Syble...hope he can overcome this. And yet there are those who with their last breath think it can't be real, and then they get the sheet pulled up over them and are trundled out to the temporary morgue in the hospital parking lot. Not something to be ignored, but continues to be by the unmasked morons running around loose who may learn the hard way.

This man's niece works for the bank. Since March you can only get inside the bank by appointment only.  She came up with the idea to have a Halloween party for bank employee kids, grandkids & other family members inside the bank on Friday before Halloween. . Consequently, 27% % of the grade school kids came down with the virus and school has been closed since the week after Halloween (may reopen this week).  About half of the bank employees also came down with it.  I went thru the drive-thru Friday and there were only 6 cars there in the employee parking lot which is usually full. This same young lady posted several pictures of the party and there were no masks and no social distancing.  She also stated at the beginning of the pandemic that this was not real and she would not be wearing a mask. She did come down with the virus about the time her uncle did but she only had a mild case. 


Where I'm living it's pretty rural, but all doctors require a mask.  There are folks who are still running around without masks.  Until recently it was pretty small numbers, but the numbers are climbing.  A local eye doctor went into the small hospital for something minor and he got covid and died. I will be making sure I'm wearing a mask since it's climbing here.

A brother in law of the family came down with it and hald other issues and at age 74 passed away.  It is real, even here in rural area of east TN

I hope that he gets well soon. This virus is really scary. I can't wait until 1/20 so President Joe Biden can finally address this pandemic.  We need federal aid desperately. I think we're going to be wearing masks for years. 

I wear a mask when I leave the house.  

We have been home since my grandson's birthday party back on March 9th. If we could get our necessities delivered we would, not available here. I am so sorry about your friends son Syble, I hope he can stay off the vent. What an unbelievably difficult year 2020 has been. 

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.




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