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I'm dealing to the cat...specialty is Hairball Control.

Me too!

My pets are free to do as they please.

The birds in the sky.

Squirrels in the trees.

Fish in the lakes and ocean.

I just deal out range cubes to 4 legged vegans.

The four legged vegans around here eat the lawn all the time.  They like to play head games with my dog.  They'll sit out back when I take her out and as soon as she tries to run toward them they disappear into the woods.  The other day the ran down into the ravine and thought the coast was clear and started back up the hill. She barked and all of a sudden the white tails disappeared again. This place has loads of birds, deer, wild turkey and who knows what all.

Kind of fun to live where the wildlife roams. Deer here all the time and a lot of the spring birds are back...bluebirds, red-wing blackbirds, but no robins yet. I heard an owl early this morning, as they start nesting this time of year..it's a big one by the sound, either a great grey or a great horned owl.

The 4 legged vegan I referred to were cattle.   I plant a five acre salad bowl for the deer and plant a five acre Pearl Millet bird feeder for the dove.  I have several hundred pecan trees for the squirrel and crow.

I'm still cool.  LOL :D

I'm dealing to 8 beautiful cats, oh boy~`




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