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It is with sadness that I tell you of Jozee's loss of yet another child.  Her daughter Lilah passed away from Covid-19 complications on Saturday evening. May she rest in peace. 

If you want to send her a sympathy card then send me a message and I will give you her address. 

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I'm so sorry to hear of this. I'm praying that God will give her the strength to cope with this heart ache. My heart goes out to Jozee and the family. May God be with them in this time of need. 

What a tragedy! I am so terribly sorry. This poor lady has had so much loss to deal with. I know she is strong, but one can only deal with so much. Lots of love and prayers are being sent on her behalf. May God grant her solace and strength. We love you, Jozee.((()))

Blessings to Jozee and family.Don't know how you survive loosing 2 children.

Jozee,I'm so sorry to hear this.  Stay strong,my friend. 

Oh how very sad! My heart goes out to Jozee and her family. 

This is heartbreaking news. Jozee, you have my deepest sympathy. Sending love and hugs.

Oh, dear, poor Jozee! My sincere condolences to her and hers.

Oh, no. I'm so very sorry. My condolences to Jozee and her family.

I am sorry to hear of this.

Thank you all for your condolences. I am broken right now but have to pull myself together for my family. Funny how I use to hate the word cancer and now I hate the word covid. Lilah died at home. Her husband caught covid at work and hers ended up being worse. At one point she was in the hospital but her chest X-ray etc came back fine. 3 days after, the Dr wanted her to go back to the hospital and she never went.

Jozee, again,I'm so sorry. We're all with you...stay strong!

This has been an unbelievable scourge on our country. Sending you much love and many hugs dear Jozee.




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