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A robin is nesting in shrubs outside my kitchen window. I watched her build her nest...excellent job, find the man of her dreams, and settle in to hatch what I think are 2 fledglings. I see 2 little beaks from my vantage point. The past 2 days have been challenging...a lot of rain, and even some hail yesterday, but the old man is doing his part with fetching food, so things are going well. Fun to watch, though it has delayed my plan to get that window washed. Lots of nature to observe here....fawns have been born and even had a hen turkey around 2 weeks ago. Anything interesting in your neck of the woods?

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We have a bird that makes a nest 2 times a year in our porch light. She never seems stressed out when we take pix of the eggs and the babes. Last ones left the nest 2 weeks ago. Usually comes in April and July- This year she did March and May- wondering if she is still going to do July?

I put some cat out for a feral cat and her 3 kittens when we had snow.  Birds came for the cat food too.  I had Cardinals, Blue jays, House Wrens, Brown Thrush and three Wood Peckers and a couple that I am not sure what they were. I loved watching them.  

I have a feeder outside the bedroom window and I get to wake up to the birds singing in the mornings. There's a nest on a storage building and every year this bird builds her nest on the crook where the gutter meets the wall. I have eight cats and somehow all the birds have made it. We have two Raccoons and two possum's coming up here to eat. The squirrel that I saved and raised ( He's the sweetest thing)  comes back to the fence to get carrots and a groundhog likes the apples. I haven't seen a deer come up yet. It's nice in the mornings when they wander in to eat.

I love watching birds making there nest. We have them every year in the same spot on my front porch. They do an amazing job.

We usually have cardinal nests but I didn't see where this year. Mostly we have squirrels and then more squirrels. I did see a pileated woodpecker a few months ago in the front yard. Those guys are big.

There is a robin's nest in our Rodo bush right next to our back porch.  I have seen moma feed two little hungry babies and go hunting for more in the back yard.  I usually have wrens make a nest in the hanging geranium pot on the front porch but I might have hung one up too late.  I'll have to check it again late today when I water it.  Love seeing the babies - makes me feel I'm a grandma again!!  :)

Now that the fledglings are bigger, I now see 3. Mom and dad are both bringing food...super busy as the little ones grow. I'd like to get my porch cleaned up before my daughter and family get here on the 20th, but don't want to disrupt the robin family, so will just let it be. We can go sit under the trees, if we like, and I won't have to worry about Maxie cat making a break for the outdoors.

Final count is 4 babies...looks crowded in that nest....wonder if all 4 will survive. Mom is doing a good job.

The fledglings have left the nest this morning except for one that can't decide if it's a good idea or not..guess there's one in every family. They have been fun to watch...the cat thought so, too.

The robin decided that the first time went well, so she's doing it again. Can't tell yet how many are in the nest this time around, but the parents are busy.

Last evening we were witness to a showdown between a pair of red tailed hawks and at least six crows. They made a lot of noise but I don't know if anything was resolved. The hawks split up and went separate directions leaving the crows to sit in my oak tree and complain about it

Today we had the honor of a visit from a full adult male bald eagle in our back yard. Then it was again with the crows. After sitting for about 15 minutes with the crows squaking and diving at it, it left for greener pastures. While it was sitting watching the crows  it was turning its head a full 180 degrees to both sides.




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