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What is your biggest fear?

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My phobia...a fear of needles and blood. Needless to say,I'm not looking forward to getting the Covid shot. I've chosen  J and J as there is only 1. The night before a blood test I can't sleep. Funny,when it's over I just get up and walk out. 

J & J  seems to be having issues with theirs now Steve, unfortunately. I would have preferred the one-shot but decided to take the available one which was Moderna, the second shot is tomorrow at the clinic I go to

Of a car accident caused by either Huzz or me that takes our license away; I think we're getting close to that stage but he's in complete denial about it, so all I can do is worry.

Having a stroke and being unable to take care of myself.


Becoming incapacitated not being able to handle my own affairs. I don't want to be dependent on anyone.

Same as Karin and Lilrain....becoming dependent on someone else for my continued existence.

Same as Lilrain and Karin. I pray daily to be able to remain independent until the day I die, not just for my own good but so that I'm not a burden on others. I fear losing one of "my babies". I know too many people who have lost their children. Also I'm very afraid of worms. Can't stand to see them, hear about them or even see the word. And lately it seems they are the "stars of the show" on T.V. I'm afraid of snakes too but at least I don't mind seeing them (from a distance or in cages).

My phobia has always been fear of heights, but lately, I've come to realize that it's more a fear of falling. I'm perfectly fine looking out of an airplane window at 32,000 feet but paralyzed with an auto window on a hillside.

Now I spend more time being threatened by encroaching senility. 

I used to be afraid of senility but then it dawned on me: I hope I get Alzheimers before my huzz does. He's 14 inches taller than I and 100 lb. heavier, so it'd be easier for him to control me than it would be for me to control him. So hey, something to hope for and at this old age. :-p

While we are on the topic of Silver Linings to Alzheimer's, I understand it provides the opportunity to meet new people every day.




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