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Do you prefer big parties with family and friends or small get togethers?  When I was young I love big family parties.  I married into a very large family with loads of cousins and aunts and uncles.  It helped me teach real estate classes and hold meetings as a manager.  So tell us why.  Now that I'm older and have nerves that are easily bothered by noise and hearing that's not so good, I prefer small groups.

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I prefer small groups too; this quote pretty much says why:

"I [melt] when there [are] too many people around. I [become] background. In a group of three or four, I [can] find some space for myself and engage with the conversation, but more than that and no one [cares] about the person who [is] too quiet to be heard."
~~from “Birds Without Wings” by Rebecca Zahabi, in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2020 issue

I am INFP and really dislike big groups. If I go to a big party I will probably wind up in a corner talking to one or two people. Sometimes I feel like am lost in a big group and don't fit in.

Yeah, I don't like big groups either....unless it's the family. I love that big crazy bunch. We laugh a lot when we get together. We are planning our family reunion in Gatlinburg for my 75th birthday this June, and I can't wait.

You'll love Gatlinburg.  It's nice and loads of things to do.  Dollywood isn't far from there.  Expensive but a fun place.  I live about an hour from Gatlinburg.  

I'm a fairly quiet person so I prefer smaller groups over large ones. It takes me a while to warm up.

Normally small groups, but have had over 50,000 attend my annual 3 day birthday party.

I've always had big holiday dinners for friends and sometimes family. Since moving to Ohio- we have had just the 3 of us and am kinda liking not having all the drama of big gatherings.

I prefer small groups.

Both actually. Even at an event with a lot of people, I am only interacting with a small group at any given time. Either way, it can take a toll on my energy level and I am likely going to be ready to leave after a few hours.

Either one. There have literally been hundreds of people at our family reunions, though the numbers are dwindling now. People tend to form smaller groups within the large one anyway before it's all over.




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