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Hello Everyone.  I wanted to let you all know that I am retiring from the social network scene.  I enjoyed meeting all of you and having meaningful and sometimes silly conversations with you.  Some I got to know on Eons, some on Boomerville, and others on TeeBeeDee. I enjoyed those 13 years. I will still be on Facebook because of extended family.  
Take care everyone and be safe and well.  

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Bye, Syble; will miss you greatly but appreciate all the work you put into the sites and the fun times. You be safe, well & happy too! :-)

Dell we would miss you.  I would miss everyone on here. 

Me too.

I am not that active in groups anymore myself Dell. I too would miss you if you weren't here. It seems so many sites have come and gone since Eons with none of them being as active or as good.

Awe Dell. I would miss you terribly.

Syble, I'll miss you, You've been a delight.

I'm sorry to see you leave, Syble,and I will certainly miss you.  I wish the very best for you. Take care.............

I don't blame Syble. I am not on here much myself. I will miss having her here when I do pop in.

Farewell, Syble. Will certainly miss you after all these years. Stay well and safe.

Will surely miss you Syble and thanks for everything. We will keep in touch as we always do. I haven’t been here much either.

Jozee, We're the most active and all the rest haven't posted in 8 or 9 years

I'm not on here much. I haven't figured out how to get around. I usually play games on FB and read the jokes. I'll see you on FB Syble.




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