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Name three people you would like to have as dinner guests and why.

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Mary, Queen of Scotts because she was so brave and determined, Nelson Mandela because of his peaceful humility, & Mother Theresa who gave up so much to just give to others. 

Any 3 famous and wealthy chefs so they'd do all the cooking and have it at one of their places since I hate to cook or host guests.

Eleanor Roosevelt because she was gutsy and a survivor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the same reasons, and Abigail Adams...again for the same reasons.

I'm still thinking this over. I can't decide between entertaining people, like Robin Williams, great intellects, like Eistein or people with unique historical perspectives such as Aristotle.

Tina Turner. She left an abusive relationship with children that were not her own, and made a life for them and herself.

Any female for the Ravenstrück concentration camp. Although difficult conversions, I'd like to know how one can survive such toture and deprivation.

My mom. I'd like to discuss her growing up years and the choices that made, while growing up and as a mother and wife

It would have to be family members that have passed.

Geo. Washington, Ben Franklin and Abraham Lincoln.

Abe Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee. Would they debate war strategies, look back on the good old days, or start throwing punches?




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