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Do you play any games on Facebook?  How often do you play?

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No Fb games for me since I'm not on Fb; I do play solitaire games on a coupla free sites and have purchased a coupla games for my computer. Only 2 games from the free sites will no longer play due to FlashPlayer's death starting today, so I guess that's pretty good.

I have never played any games on FB


No, fb games for me. Sometime play games on AARP.

I play WordBliss with my niece in Colorado. I lose......all the time....but it's fun, not time-consuming...and keeps the old gray cells firing on all cylinders.

I play 2 of the free slot games every day. That's all I play. I used to play candy crush but that became more like a job than a game.  It was fun at first.

I do not do FB under any circumstances, ever.

I play Criminal Case even though it is really messed up now and most people have quit playing. I used to play Words with Friends but it was too slow on my computer so I stopped.

I 'never have.

I love Slotomania.  I used to play other games but like this one best.  

I play Words With Friends, Word Blitz, and Quiz Planet.

I play Quiz Planet too.




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