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If money were no object, what material things would you wish for?

I'll go first:

1. Sous chef
2. Chaise lounge
3. small backyard greenhouse

BTW, am waiting for several reserves to come in. In the meantime have been reading this and that. Did not like the most recent Jo Nesbo book.

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Perhaps a Cruise Ship of my own, with all the amenities (especially a library), that I could take my friends/relatives on cruises around the world for specified lengths of time.  If they wanted a "short cruise" or a lengthy one.  Of course, I would need a chef to do all our meals.  I might only want this for a year or so!  And could then use the "Money is no Object" for something else.

I have been reading so much, I can barely think of titles.  Trying to clear a wagon-load of mysteries off my old Kindle, so I can read from my newer one.  If I didn't mention it before, here, I recommend "News of the World" by Paulette Jiles.  Loved that book, and understand they're to make a movie of it.  However, once you read it, you will see that, once again, Hollywood is mis-casting its leads.  (i.e. Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, blah)  As of now, they are saying Tom Hanks stars.  That's about as far from good casting as it gets.  Captain Kidd is a 70+ year old, with a resonant voice, with which he reads "The News of the World" to his audiences.  Oh, please read this book if you haven't already!  I will add my casting for this lead role, as soon as my tired old mind will let me remember the guy's name that I see as perfect for it. (Age+Resonant Voice, etc)

The lead role should go to SAM ELLIOTT, who is now starring in a new movie called "The Hero".  If you've seen him in anything, you know the voice alone should get him the News of the World part.


Sorry, I haven been around. Have a new iPad and well, I haven't installed TBD. I'm using the old one while newer version is charging.

MY book choices are so ...um, er, uh...unique. Love mysteries, hero's with "baggage." Hate Jo Nesbo...actually all those Authors from another country where I can't visualize the geography.

I did listen to the latest Mike Bowditch. Knife Creek which is in Maine. Bowditch is a Game Warden and it is a simple, good mystery and reader is great. Which for me often tops the Author. Paul Dorion. I've read all his books so kept up with Hero's love life and other characters in his stories.

If money were no object I would put Mother in Law in assisted living and Jim and I could get back to our "real" life.




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