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I find myself reading a series that I thought would never interest me. 

A Strong Woman in the Middle Ages by Lina Potter

 It is set in the 11th century and involves a woman who somehow goes from being in a bad accident in this century to back to the 11th century where she wakes up a fat countess.  I am really not into time travel, royalty or that kind of thing, however I am on my fourth book in this series.  Even as I tell myself how bizarre this is......take for instance how much the English language has changed, I find myself interested.  It is not an especially challenging read so I am at a loss why I am so interested!  There is another series I read, called the Aunt Dimity series, that I think is written much like a Nancy Drew book that I also enjoy at times.  I guess we all open the book and give it a try and if it holds our attention we read!  I also find that I sometimes just cannot read a book......and again I am at a loss as to why I am not able to read it.  I guess with the zillion of books now available I just don't want to waste the time if I am not enjoying myself.  

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