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Have any of you read any of Preston & Child's books?

Finished my first one last night. City of Endless Night.. It was a thriller to say the least!  The beautiful daughter of a wealthy tech billionaire is found murdered and her head nowhere to be found!  Hysteria sets in the NYC area as she is just the first of many victims to be murdered.....and decapitated. Read it if you dare!

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Yes, Rapa, I've read almost all of them.  The exception being the last two. JUst no time right now, but I'll catch up.

I have not....but I sure intend to. It sounds like this author could become a member of my Faves list. Thanks for the head's up.

sounds pretty gruesome... think I'll pass...  LOL

Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier was recommended to me yesterday...  Has anyone here read it? 

I suggest Say Nothing by Brad Parks....a real can't-put-down thriller.

loruach, my branch has a copy and they’re reserving it for me!  Sounds like it’ll be good for a rainy week-end along with Final Four!




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