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Here are some cozy reading nooks some with eccentric plans (I like number 9 although these look like law books)

What does yours look like?


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Those look so inviting.  I think #9 is actually a collection of classics.  I used to have a set of about 50 books with covers similar to those.  As for my reading nook, I just bought a futon to make my junk room into my guest room.  I didn't want to tie up the room with a bed and the futon seemed like the perfect answer.  It's comfortable and a perfect quiet spot to read.  BTW, I bought it on the Internet (Wayfair.com, the company they use on HGTV) and assembled it all by myself.

Fun! My favorite from the link you gave, LP, is #14 because of the view. 

My all-time favorite reading nook was a small room in a home in Newport, RI.  The entire room was floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases which even ran over the doors and windows. Daybeds were built under two windows on adjacent walls which looked out over the water. There was no other furniture, just pillows, quilts, warm adjustable lighting, candles, interesting objets d'art, and plants tucked here and there. The effect was magical.

The room you describe sounds perfect!

From the link I like #7 (except it needs more pillows!), #11 and # 14.  Currently I read on my porch when the weather is cooperative.  Otherwise, in a comfy living room chair or in bed!  When I retire I hope to make a real reading spot.

The room was like something you'd find in Hobbiton, grammy, only taller. ツ So warm and snuggly and serene, despite the gazillion books which could have been--but weren't--visually distracting. I think the simplicity of the warm wood floors and the vast vistas outside the windows were the perfect foil to balance the whole experience. 

Yup, I liked #7 for the view (with MORE PILLOWS--haha!), and #11, as well.  

What do you have in mind for your reading spot?

I have a few options.  I actually have a window seat that my dad built into my room!  Currently it's gotten used to pile various things on but I'm going through my house room by room, downsizing and throwing out unnecessary stuff that has accumulated over many years of working 2 jobs, raising kids, etc.   When I get done I plan to put cushions and pillows on it to make it comfy; it does have a small window with a view of my yard.  I also plan to put an Amish glider on my front porch (also with pillows!) and my anti-gravity chair on my back porch which has a nice wooded view.  If it sounds like I plan to read a LOT when I retire it's because I do!  

Sounds wonderful to me!

11 or 14 for me.  Since I stopped working I've been a night reader while in bed. If the book is compelling have been known to read until 5:00 a.m.  Unsually it's just until 2:00--3:00. Assume I'm more alert at night as was a night nurse. I love escaping into a story before falling into dreamland. 

I so relate to your nightowl activities, rapa. I have such admiration that you did the nursing night shift and understand how the effects can drift into your retirement.

I was not a nurse, but I cared for my bedridden mother for 17 years. For me, the nights were the only time which I had to myself; and, because I had to remain vigilant, my rhythms shifted to staying awake all night. Fourteen years later, I'm still awake most of the night. ツ

Same here, rapa.  I've worked nights for all of my nursing (and midwife) career and often find myself up most of the night even when off.  Just wish I could get past that guilt for then sleeping late into the morning!

Guilt I have none, grammyk! My hours are now mine.  Even my doc offices have on my profile to never call before 10:00am!  If they do, I growl!!!!  ;)

My indoors reading nook (there is another one outdoors)

Very nice, LS!




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