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Just checking in to see how everyone is doing.  I think this group might be better able to self quarantine than others, just give us a book!  

I am doing fine.  I was never really a get up and go all the time person anyway.  I worry a bit about my youngest who works at Walmart and her chance of getting sick or bringing something home, but living in fear and panic is not what I want to do.

We are having a blizzard today........great day to read a book, thank heavens for my kindle, the library is closed!

Hope all stay healthy and warm. I pray all have enough with all the hoarding going on.

Love, Lyn

P.S.  I see posts of so many sharing and caring for others and those putting Christmas lights up to cheer others.  In Italy they are singing from their balconies, and other places are playing games between buildings or being led in exercises by instructors located on rooftops!  What a marvelous breed we are!  And the earth is healing at a rapid rate, maybe we can learn from this scare.

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Yes! Thank goodness for books.

I'm sure there will be many lessons learned from this crisis, Lyn. And you're so right, we can be a marvelous breed! As for me personally, I'm currently being quarantined at home by my Hunny. LOL! Due to my damaged lungs and other health problems, he thinks it's just too dangerous for me to be out and about, and unfortunately, I have to agree with him. He goes through a ritual of hand washing and sanitizing every time before he comes back in hopes he won't bring any nasties home with him. Yes, I am soooo glad for my book stash! LOL! Whenever I need a break from working on my own stuff, I do have a sizeable stash of classics to entertain myself with. Thank goodness that even tho we must limit personal contact with friends and family, we have the internet to keep each other close. I have a feeling that before this is over, we're all going to be needing that. Here's hoping y'all are staying safe and sane wherever you may be! 

Other than work, I can pretty easily self-quarantine too, as I'm most comfortable at home with books.  My library is closing after tomorrow but after I finish my borrowed books I have plenty of books on my bookshelves, my Kindle and Nook. Online borrowing is still available from the library system also. That said, I will miss my library greatly until it re-opens!

I work in a hospital and a lot of my co-workers are in a total frenzy over all this; it helps to disappear into a book when I get home!

I, too, see stories of people caring for each other and working together; I really hope we can and will learn from this!

I was telling a friend of mine yesterday that reading keeps me quite busy these trying days and she asked if I have enough of them for the long haul. I told her that I have The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, which weighs about five pounds but would last me for quite some time.

Come to think of it, some Shakespeare might be just what my mind and spirit need right now.




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