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Bibliotherapy is a very broad term for the ancient practice of encouraging reading for therapeutic effect

Today, bibliotherapy takes many different forms, from literature courses run for prison inmates to reading circles for elderly people suffering from dementia. Sometimes it can simply mean one-on-one or group sessions for “lapsed” readers who want to find their way back to an enjoyment of books.


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Interesting. I am reading a very good book. It is “The First Family Detail” by Ronald Kessler.it is non fiction and tells about the secret service people and their opinions about the presidents. Some real surprises.

Now that I am living alone with Zak the cat, I am free to enjoy being read to out loud all day by means of audiobooks checked out from my public library.  Zak seems to like them, too!

The book that I am listening to today is "The Enchanted Hour" by Meghan Cox Gurdon. A mother of four and a writer for the Wall Street Journal, MCG advocates for the ancient practice of reading aloud--not just to children and the elderly but in small groups as a means to share and commune.  "Reading aloud consoles, uplifts and invigorates at every age,  deepening the intellectual lives and emotional well-being of teenagers and adults, too."  I am experimenting with one feline. And myself.

Today I am feeling restless and disappointed with the hypocrisy and hyperbole of my internet community and even PBS and NPR, so I am finding comfort with more thoughtful communication while I do chores around the house and engage my hands in other creative activities.  Books never disappoint me.  Now if I could just teach the cat to read and speak English!

Loved your post, Baia!  Wish I enjoyed audio but will only use it if I lose my sight. 

My favorite time of day is heading to bed around 11:00 pm, removing my hearing aids for blessed silence, tucking myself in and diving into my current read!  Usually read until at least 3:00am, totally escaping into the written word. Last night finished the latest Barbara Taylor Bradford novel, MASTER of HIS FATE. [The House of Falconer]. This is Bradford's first book in a sweeping new historical saga. The story begins in Victorian England circa 1884.  It takes the families through scandal, romance, tragedy and triumph. Highly recommend this historical novel.

Last week I read  bold, provocative and utterly gripping BLOOD ORANGE by Harriet Tyce. 

This is a stunning debut novel of psychological suspense! Was just released in Feb. 

What are you reading?  Yes, I'm totally am into Bibliotherapy!!!!!!




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