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Good-bye July
Welcome August! Hopefully the heat will soon turn down!

Two books that I enjoyed this past month are:

ALL the RIVERS by Dorit Rabinyan which was translated beautifully from Hebrew. The novel tells the story of Liat from Israel who meets Hilmi from Palestine in Greenwich Village where both are working while on visas. This is a portrayal of forbidden relationships in a love story and war story. The title is taken from the quote "The land is the same land. In the end all the rivers flow into the same sea."

Another book I recently enjoyed is: A TALENT FOR MURDER by Andrew Wilson.
This tantalizing new novel is centered on the queen of crime herself, Agatha Christie's mysterious ten day disappearance in which she is pulled into a case of blackmail and murder. I understand that a movie titled "Agatha" was made about this incident starring, I believe, Lynn Redgrave. Now I need to find the movie!

What have you been reading?

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Yes, good-by July. Summer is moving along much too quickly.

I have recently been rereading some of William G. Tapply's Brady Coyne novels. Tapply was an English professor in the New England area and has always been one of my favorites. His protagonist, Brady Coyne, was a lawyer who practiced in Boston and was featured in most of Tapply's books. Light, easy Summer reading. I had read most of his books several years ago but, in my dotage, I had pretty much forgotten the story lines. So it was like reading them anew.

A happy August to everyone in Bookoholics.

I was thinking about Tapply's books just the other day, but couldn't think of his name or the main character's name (Brady Coyne - - thank you)

Thanks for the info... read several of his Stoney Calhoun books awhile back and enjoyed them.  Will have to check out Brady Coyne.

I just finished The Alice Network, A WWI/WWII novel by Kate Quinn.  Loved it! Based on a true network of female spies... most of the characters in the book actually lived and much of the story is based on actual events... although set in a novel with an excellent ending.

Just starting The Zookeepers Wife, another WWII novel.

Speaking of WWII, I went to see the movie, Dunkirk, yesterday. If you want constant action, go see it. But it really was very good.

As far as books go, yesterday I picked up Golden Prey, John Sandford's latest novel from my library. Too early to tell anything about it yet. I will be taking it with me when I drive to Illinois next week to visit my son and daughter in law. Also going to the Chicago area to visit my best friend for a couple days. All in all I will be gone for at least a week. Gotta do those things when you're still able.

Before you head out how 'bout placing a request at your library for the new
William Kent Kruerger's SULPHER SPRINGS to be released later this month. As I recall, he's one of your favs!

Yeah! Another Cork O'Conner book... my favorite series!!!  Thanx for the heads up, rapa...  we are going to be up north on 8-22 when it comes out and I am #14 on the request list... hope the library doesn't get more than 13 copies because I won't be in town to pick it up before Labor Day...  :)

Thank you rapa! I didn't know he had another one in the works. I just finished placing the request. I am number 67 on the list. Yes, if he is not number one on my list, he is darn close.

I just finished Mrs. Saint and the Defectives by Julie Lawson Timmer.  It was a Kindle First last month and free with Prime. I downloaded it because I misread the title and thought it said Detectives instead of Defectives.   A  LOL takes in 'defectives', people who are broken or don't fit in society and gives them jobs around the house and takes care of them. When the main character, Markie, a just divorced woman with her teenage son, moves in next door, she doesn't realize she is a defective, but Mrs. Saint does.  If you loved A Man Called Ove, you'll love this book too.

Another book isn't for everyone. It's The Rise and Fall of DODO by Neal Stephenson. Magic was actually real but came to an end in 1851. The government finds a way to go back in time and use magic for it own purpose.  It's a good long read. One thing I learned was to never trust a witch on Halloween! Mercy!

I only get random notes on the postings, so I don't come to Bookoholics as often as I should.  On one of the rare Saturday mornings that I don't have a deadline, I have immersed myself in all the notes and the recommendations -- what a great breakfast feast!  I have been starving for some great book recommendations and chat with anyone I see holding a book.  As some of you may know, I am an Audible reader because of my commute.  I used to carry books with me for times when I could not listen, but with inception of Blue Tooth, I put on my discreet headset and listen everywhere.  The other wonderful tool I discovered is Firefox Notes -- it puts a sidebar on my computer and I can jump over there and list all the book recommendations I just read - Hooray!  The list stays there and I don't lose the list on my kitchen table!  Thanks for all the info -- just checked and Kreuger's latest book is available on Audible -- That's my next click!




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