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For the first time in ages I forgot to "RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT!".

Anyone else forget? Maybe I should hang a horse shoe over my door or throw some salt over my left shoulder!

Hopefully will remember on New Year's Eve!!!!!! Don't want to jinx the entire year!

Any reminders will be helpful!!!

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Been so busy all week that I didn't even think about "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit"  until I read your post!!  I guess I am doomed!!

Someone posted the whole RABBIT commentary on Sparkpeople.  Actually, I don’t know what it means?

Mea culpa!!!  Have done it again!!!!  Have been so invested in routine doctor appts, shopping and shipping , this and that that I''ve not posted my recent reads. Haven't even started sending cards!  On the other hand, continue to do my night reading. These are the books I've recently read and enjoyed:

IN THE MIDST OF WINTER by Isabell Allande

ALLI and BEA by Catherine Ryan Hyde

HER EVERY FEAR by Peter Swanson

Read all in large print which is easier on my eyes. Found them all different and excellent reads!

Tonight am starting David Baldacci's new END GAME.

Anyone else reading during this busy season?

ha!  14pt text...can now read my posting easier!

People vs Alex Cross ...very engaging.

So I was telling you about short story compilations and saw in Plain Dealer a recommend for a book called SIGNALS by Tim GAUTREAUX.  He has written 3 novels and his short stories have been in the New Yorker, the Atlantic, Harpers and GQ.  Now, the curious thing about his cast of characters...many are my age?  With “deep thoughts” and interesting problems.  Great writing. I listened Audiobook style but think I want to get the book to pirate some of his fun descriptions.

HUMPTY was patched up and put back together with everything balanced and finalized.  At least we know for sure a profit is a firm conclusion.


Bet that's a relief!

Thanks for the tip on using a higher pt. text!!!!

Thread Hog...for the record just finished reading weekend WSJ and SIGNALS is listed in top 10 Fiction books of 2017.  Author is from Louisiana so most characters are a bit crusty, but dialog is so enjoyable.

It's been well over two years since I last read a Louise Penny book. But a few days ago while at the library, I saw her latest, Glass Houses, on the "new books" shelves. I'm only 75 pages into it, and I'm enjoying it very much. I will just say that meeting Armand Gamache again is like coming across an old friend after years of absence.

Finished the new Baldacci last night.  Returned it today and picked up Dean Koontz's THE WHISPERING ROOM  and Elizabeth Berg's THE STORY OF ARTHUR TRULUV.  That should get me through the holiday season!

Wishing all of you a happy Christmas and may you have a gentle 2018!

Haven't posted here in awhile... maybe because I had been on a dry spell as far as interesting books were concerned.  That ended about a week ago when I finished a novella by Frederik Backman,And Every Morning the way Home Gets Longer and Longer... Only 76 pages but what dynamite this book is... 'an extraordinarily ordinary book, an ordinarily extraordinary book' to paraphrase a passage in it.  I read it in one day and I think I will read it again more than once before I return it to the library. "This is a story about memories and about letting go.  It's a love letter and a slow farewell between a man and his grandson, between a dad and his boy."

SSince it  will  be  my turn  to  pick  the  next  book  for  my  novella  group, I  thank you  for  this wonderful  recommendation.  Sometimes  these  little  books  carry  quite  a message.  Looking  forward  to  reading  this one.,

After a year of bingeing on revenge fiction (Lee Child, David Baldacchi), I am gearing up to binge on some favorite feel-good  authors into the New Year:  Alexander McCall Smith, Jan Karon, and Terry Pratchett.  I've also reserved the newest offerings from Elizabeth George, Anne Perry and Martha Grimes as indulgences of my long love of British-based police procedural/detective novels.  I will be waiting to hear from my public library when my holds have worked their way up the waiting lists to number one.  Something to look forward to.

“California” is my latest “listen.” Read it and evidently I was distracted because didn’t remember a thing while listening on flight to Fort Lauderdale and back...a bit while visiting and caring for grandkids while my son-in-Law had surgery and my daughter stayed 24/7 at Hospital.

DH rejected Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly so I will give it a “go.” A Harry Bosch mystery.

BTW, watching BOSCH on Netflix is fun for me.

I watch so little of regular TV programming since last February?  Tune into all CAVS games and am already gearing up for Cleveland Indians? How can this be? I mean, I watched playoffs in the old days with DH but now I see more sports than him?

Of course following the Browns is....ahem, only for the very tough fan.

Going back to reread book recommendations.  Leave the light on for me....




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