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Is this true? Do you feel this way? Men, do you feel like this towards women?
This is how I feel most times. Low self esteem is bad for us. what are ways to combat low self esteem?

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Im sorry if i sound conceited but I wsnt overweight in high school and thats when kids are soo mean.my sister was and i felt really bad for her.
Being a BBW is not always a hindrance. As for me I dated ladies both thin and not. I enjoyed the softness of the ones with the added padding, and I cannot deny they were at least as passionate. I nearly married one, until I discovered she really wanted somebody else more. She was a very passionate person, I still enjoy the memories I have of her and our time together. I have a weakness for ladies with a long full head of hair, many BBW's excel in this area and will catch my eye easily.
not true for me. I'm more afraid of being too attractive - can't handle the attention. Not being immodest, I've been thin. My weight is a way to protect myself, but I wish someone would see through it to see the "real me" and accept me no matter what I look like.




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