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i injoy big women i like talking to tham,i think big women are sex

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You sir are so right; I have been a chubby chaser all of my life. In high school I was teased, ridiculed, and brutalized by all of the other boys. Maybe that is why high school was so bad from my viewpoint.
Over the years I have found that larger women are more down to earth, normal, realistic, and appreciative of life in general. Don’t get me wrong; I have dated many women who were slender, ‘stacked’, and attractive women.
These women are more desirable to most men; and they know it. Many are manipulative, using, abusive, and use their appearance to get almost anything they want from men.
A friend of mine suggested that I appreciate Big Beautiful Women because they appreciate the attention of a man or appreciate the love that they may receive from a man. I don’t know about such things and I refuse to consider such matters because every person on earth wants or needs to be appreciated by others. If we aren’t appreciated then life is such a miserable thing. Isn’t that one of the reasons people marry? Well, sometimes anyway.
I know this statement is an oversimplification; but I think most folks will think back and remember any number of the women I am talking about, both BBW and the slender stacked ones.
For me, give me a big woman who likes to be loved, admired, and appreciated.

my husband like large women too!  that includes me... 




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