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was that your New Year's resolution? I didn't make it mine, but I want to try. Every year as I get older, it gets harder and harder to lose. It's strange, in the summer (every summer) I lose 20-25 lbs...because of the heat, my eating habits change. So why can't I eat the same things in the winter and lose?
I eat lots of salads in the summer...or a couple sandwiches thru the day. With the heat, my appetite goes bonkers. I don't seem to eat as much, and yet I have sweets. I do a little more exercise, but not much more then during the winter.
During the winter, its chowders, stews, things like that. Sometimes, a casserole, meatloaf.
Is anyone else trying to lose weight? Do you know where your problem lie?

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Yes I plan to lose 25 pounds this year. this will take me down to about 250#. that is only 20 pounds more than i did in hgh school so many years.
Last year, 2009, my resolution was to drop from 225 lbs., down to 160 and improve my overall health. Now, a year later, I weigh 170 with 10 lbs., to go. I've learned alot about myself and have done what I never thought I'd do...stick to an exercise regimen. I like myself so much more today then I did last year. It feels so good to have lost that ugly 'belly fat!' Every time I go to Walmart I pick up a dumbbell equivalent to the weight I've lost and I am amazed that I was carrying all that excess weight. Good luck to all who undertake weight-loss endeavors, stick to you, you can do it!




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