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With 60 members and so much silence, it seems like it is time to ask the question again!

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Wow! That is exciting and no commission!! What a deal! I can't wait to see pictures. There's a coffee shop near me that needs pictures, but I have to do some framing and am just not sure I have the time right now. It would be a great opportunity, though!
It will be fantastic!! Don't worry!! I can't wait to see the pictures (and yes you need to sell your work - that way it has a life and a home of its own!!
Sounds great, Firefly!! My last exhibition got canceled because my work was too controversial. They decided they didn't like the images of Children with guns and dead bodies. Okay, Iunderstand, but it was a series on the Afghanistan war, so....
I live in a pretty conservative community too. Things I could create when I lived in Dallas are much different than the type of work I sell here.

The community does make a difference in terms of selling things!

They got cold feet.I live in a conservative community. It's okay. I was surprised when they agreed in the first place!
Right now i am working on a gourd that is similar to this one.

the other side

That's totally cute!! I can't wait to see the new one!
Nice gourd work. We have a gourd artist in our town that works in some basketry in her gourds.
I have just posted some of my latest pieces. I started painting again while taking calls for cruisers at Princess Cruises. Some of these are watercolor, some in oil. I want to start an online gallery but not exactly sure how.
Art is on hold right now while I clean and move out an apt. In Austin. Have to go back in two days up to Austin and finish up. Once I get back, I hope to finish up some glazing and start some new projects.

Wow, Mudqueen - from Austin to Dallas - that is quite a change in life style! I hope you do well! ( I spent many years in Houston and caught relief by visiting Austin whenever possible.)




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