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Anyone giving art (your own or someone else's) for holiday presents? (Solstice, Hannuhkah, New Years, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.)  I tithe to the arts, but it also seems like the perfect chance to give art. It doesn't have to be your own art - and when you give art you can be supporting fellow artists.  Anyone a member of art websites where they sell and can buy others' art? Share your experiences with us. I'm on a couple, but haven't listed my work. Are you having success with online sites? Do you worry about people stealing your images? Do tell!

Adele Macy Figurine

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When I make a stained glass object of art I give it away

or volunteer with others to design small church windows

or a community project such as a hanging lamp

Absolutely beautiful. What gorgeous use of color!

I agree.

Hey, Vernon, What have you been up to? Haven't seen you talk about your work lately! Clue us in!

Hi Vernon I never met you

I have to admire anyone who works in glass. We had a small project once in class making a kalidescope and it involved cutting glass. Holy moley that cut glass ended up every where. What a clean up! Good work, Julia!
My mother wanted a new flower pot and my daughter asked for two dog bowls for her new dog so yes I am giving art for Xmas. Some times I buy other artists art to give as gifts.

Welcome, Mudqueen, do you do your own art or did you support another artist? I'd love to see what your dog bowls look(ed) like. That's a great idea I'll have to use for gifts in upcoming years.

I will post a photo when they are finished. They are in my studio drying right now.

Very cool. I'm glad to hear you are making them yourself and can't wait to see what you have come up with!  I was thinking of decorating ceramics, but it sounds like you are actually throwing them. Super cool!

Yes, I have a wheel, kiln, slab roller, extruder and the studio is separate from the house. No more tracking clay dust in the house. Below is a photo of my studio.

Wow! What a great space! Someday I'll have full studio space (I hope!)




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