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This is completely just for laughs.... Do NOT think of posting anything serious or thought provoking here...EVER!






I mean it...... :-)

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The Blues Brothers?
Or maybe the Swinging Czech Brothers.
Cookies...what cookies?
He was only trying to be like a cat and get inside the box.....

UHhhh.......I don't think she's into that.



Q: What do you get when you cross sodium citrate, citric acid, benzyl alcohol, monoethanolamine, sodium benzoate, gylcol disterate, FD&C Yellow #5, ammonium lauryl sulfate, methylisothiazolinone, fragrances/perfumes, FD&C Blue #1, sodium chloride, zinc pyrithione, methylchloroisothiazolinone, ammonium xylenesulfonate, ammonium laureth sulfate, cetyl alcohol, cocamide, guar hydropropyltrimonium chloride, 1-Decene, homopolymer, hydrogenated, trimethylolpropane tricaprylate and water?

A: Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo for Fine-Oily Hair.
Bird stew...good to the last feather.
But you do need to break off the beak and feet.
This guy walks into the doctor's and says "Doctor, it hurts when I poke my leg like this." The doctor says "Yes, you've shattered both your kneecaps. You'll never walk again."
My next address...just up the street.  Party down!!!




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