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For summer, for travelling, for evening, for going to the market. . .what is new or a good ol' standby that you swear by? Let's share!

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Haven't read through this but must confess my love of Arbonne skin care products. (Hi Fe!) Like the makeup also, especially the primer which is used before applying makeup.
Saraka! How lovely to see you here with us again. You have been missed!

I too am a big fan of the Arbonne products (this was before I met our Felicia I might add!) I adore the Arbonne "No Sun intended bronzing powder" it comes in a large compact, is just the right tone for almost any skin colour and it lasts a long time, on the skin and in the compact. I bought the big brush to use with it. Mine lasted two years ! A little swish around the face with blending goes a long way and creates a luminous base. I first use Gelée Transforming Lift" by Arbonne too B A F - it does exactly what it says it does. I also really like their mineral powder foundation SPF 15.

Before I put the cosmetics on - it's always Neutrogena UVA/UVB sunblock SPF 45 - face, neck, upper chest, arms, hands (re-apply during the day - esp. when driving!). So important.

I've become a big fan of a local product line (so is Cyndromeda - we shop together for them ;) called anders. Their synergistic serum is divine, as is their eye cream. Chez - they have a vanilla body lotion that smells incredible. I use the Rose or Jasmine or the Amber Orange shea lotion, or in winter the Madagascar cinnamon leaf with clove hand and body lotion. The scents are so true, and one need not apply perfume as the scent lingers faintly on the skin without preceding one into a room. Divine and sooooo reasonable. Love everything they make. The soaps are exquisite! 96% organic, 99.7 % natural. http://www.andersnaturalsoap.com/
Saraka, Hera! How nice to see you two!

Another vote for my cider vinegar - yay!

I've looked through these posts and didn't find my question anywhere -  I'm thinking about starting up with the make-up again.  Have they invented a mascara in the last five years that does not flake but doesn't cost $30 either?




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