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For summer, for travelling, for evening, for going to the market. . .what is new or a good ol' standby that you swear by? Let's share!

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Felicia wrote:
But what I've certainly learned over the years in my experience with my products, is if you use a really good skincare line you don't need a lot of the color. Or for some the 'masking' of the imperfections. 'They' say if you give an American woman $100 for facial beauty products, she'll spend 70% on makeup and 30% on skincare. It's the other way around with European women.

I agree. My Mom was big on skincare and I followed her lead. I use Sephora products...the Philosophy line mostly. They have a moisturizer called Hope In a Jar. I had to have it...face cream and a giggle every night can't be beat.
Makeup? My everyday consists of a little bronzer in the summer. Eyeliner and mascara. Vaseline on my lips and I'm good to go. I wish I could do eyeshadow when I get all dolled up, but I just never got the hang of doing it right.
Welcome Sunny Day! I am in agreement with Felicia, and would also like to suggest that what you have are either sebaceous and /or epidermal cysts. I get them on my face (have had two removed ) and have one on my back that needs tending to. You can google both terms, plenty of intelligence out there about it. It can be a hereditary situation too. A visit to a good dermatologist will set you in the right direction. I am pron to them as I have very fair, but oily mediterranean skin (thanks dad lol)!

Since I've been using the "anders" skin and facial products (I mention them here - they are right here in Raleigh) I have noticed a marked reduction in those horrid hard little white cysts. I will be trying some of Felicia's products too as she is nearby me. But the important thing is a quick visit to your health care provider, or better yet a referral to a dermatologist. There is a prescription product that prevents flare ups and prompts rapid disappearance without extraction.

The site for anders products can be found at www.andersnaturalsoap.com but they don't advertise the face serum that I use. However I mention it by name elsewhere in this discussion.
btw, good idea of quoting - now did you add Felicia wrote: and then italicized the text?

That's exactly what I did.
I noticed that when you click on the "reply to this box" your comment goes right underneath. I don't always think to go back and reread an entire thread so I'm afraid I'll miss something...

O, and I'll never put vaseline on my lips again :-)
I use it as a gloss mostly...I'm really lucky and my lips are a nice light berry shade naturally so I don't need lipstick just a little shine.
I use the MD Forte line recommended by my dermotologist, I am amazed how much better my skin feels. When I run out I can tell the difference. I have also used some of the Arbonne products. I am hooked on Barescentuals, love how easy it is to use and in the summer heat it doesn't slide off my face. Plus I can rarely find foundation light enough in the drugstore but they have the perfect shade for me.
Kiehl's #25 sunblock. 365 days a year and sometimes at night. If I have to crank it up, Clinique makes a #50 that doesn't give me spots.

The secret weapon, however, is Jane Iredale's Liquid Minerals foundation. Flawless. And it has sunscreen. :D

After that, I tend toward Bobbi Brown (the gel eyeliner is AMAZING--and it wears like nothing I've ever used Other than that...the occasional Mac or Urban Decay shadow.

Lip colour is tricky--any little bit of blue in the formula and unattractive things happen because I'm a bit on the yellow-peach side as re skintone, so I've stuck with the same few brown-based colours for years.
Tell 'em, Felicia! Tell them loudly and tell them often!

As someone who had her first brush with skin cancer almost 20 years ago, sunblock isn't just a good idea--it's the law.

And I should mention that Trader Joe's makes an excellent #30 sunscreen.

Sunblock and I: perfect together.
I LOVE how this is all humming alone.Thanks everyone! I too am taking notes. In Canada I buy Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch SunblockSPF-45. It is UVA/UVB protection. It's terrific (BAF, Gayle- take note, not greasy and absorbs instantly. Great for neck and chest and hands too). There was an issue in the US about the combination of UVA & UVB in sunscreens not being approved by the FDA or some such - anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm often asked how I can look the way I do (without having had a stitch of work done - yet). It's sunscreen - every single day. Without fail. I had damage as a child living in the Orient, then some damage whilst travelling the Caribbean for many years, and living there for a while. So I'm religious about it. It can save your life.
Suuse,everyone - I have developed my father's heavy lids, so I put on eyeliner, (now I do the trick whereby I carefully smudge it in btw my lashes which helps) ,and then an hour later, it's all in the fold of my eyelids. No matter what I use it melts off. Does the Bobbi Brown gel stay put?

I use very little liquid foundation after having discovered how nice mineral powder covers and how easy it is to travel with. A little goes a long way! I use a q tip dipped into my SPF to remove the excess from my laugh lines and crows feet. Arbonne's "About Face Mineral Powder Foundation SP 15 is very good, as is L'Oreal's Bare Naturale SPF 19 . I use as a base after sunscreen Sally Hanson's "Flawless Skin Brightener with Retinol", it comes in a 1.24 oz tube- inexpensive - good product and great to travel with.

Thanks to mineral powder, it's sunscreen, primer, bronze powder for the sun kissed places, touch of light reflecting concealer under the eyes, mineral powder in the T zone (covers those wee red lines about the nose perfectly and does not slide off) then a quick blend with a clean sponge; off white eyeshadow under the arch of the eyebrows and on either side of the bridge of the nose - to brighten eyes) , eyebrow shadow to fill out the brows, the pesky eyeliner, then mascara (consider dark brown, as we get older black can look too harsh), lipstick - and done in 10 minutes. 15 minutes if it's an evening look I'm after.

Right. now about that eyeliner . . .

Bobbi Brown's eyeliner is definitely worth a try. It was about $18 at Nordstrom last time I bought it. I went through a lot of raccoon eye liners until my sis-in-law turned me on to this.

I don't like "foundation" — too pan cakey. But here is something that is working well for me: Neutrogena Healthy Skin glow sheers, natural radiant look, fresh feel, oil free, (just reiterating their marketing jargon), SPF 30.
I swear by Dermalogica for my skin care. I wear a liquid mineral foundation by Neutrogena these days (hope I can find it here in Australia when I run out) - its very light & doesn't clog my skin. I also use mineral blush which doubles as eye shadow. I'd wear Barescentuals like my daughter & friend Crystal here but when I tried it found that I wasn't good at applying it & it ended up looking too heavy on my skin - hence the liquid mineral I've searched out. For my lips I like to wear L'Oreal or Maybelline lip stains - all I have to do is keep a gloss on my lips during the day & not worry about constantly reapplying color.
I love lip stains. Nothing is more fun than 'writing' on your lips with what looks like a big Sharpie.

What brand(s) do you use?




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