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For summer, for travelling, for evening, for going to the market. . .what is new or a good ol' standby that you swear by? Let's share!

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Thks. for being my 1st groupie ! I was unaware that Neostrata is avs. in the US - cool! MAC products are wonderful. I use the blot powder too. I am dashing about inviting - will be back soon. Merci encore B A F !
I happen to use some of the Arbonne products Felicia, and I esp. like the REversing Gelee Transforming Lift (it really does what it says it does well) and the No Sun Indeed Bronzing Powder - it's perfect for fair to medium skin tones and it does not smudge easily. Nice to know I can get some more from you, Everyone, Felicia has a direct link to her business web site so feel free to ask her questions about her products in depth there! I'd personally trust her with my right arm!
I don't use much make-up either--most of my facial budget goes to skincare. I use a lot of Biore products, both cleansers and moisturizers with sunscreen. Also Aveeno.... For make-up, I mostly just use a little eyeliner and mascara, and some lip gloss. Never any foundation or blush or anything like that, and although I used to use eyeshadow, I almost never do anymore.
I love the Burt's Bee's lip shimmer (Watermelon) and the gel eyeliner (Bobbi Brown).

Otherwise, I refuse to buy department store brands, usually picking up deals at the grocery outlet on skin serums and creams.

Thanks Dazz!
Thanks for posting BlueHera! Burt's Bee's lip gloss and chap stick and shimmer is lovely! I buy it at Whole Foods here in Raleigh. I think Proctor and Gamble bought them out recently, but vowed to keep the line's organic integrity. Bobbie Brown is an angel - her products rock and I adore her eyebrow powder, it stays on and does not powder off. Do you choose your creams and skin serums by brand name, or by research, or by just what is on sale? Please share some of your finds with us! We are all about saving monies here!
Dazz and all,

Bobbi Brown has a rocking gel eyeliner that goes on with a brush and doesn't rub off.

After my divorce I changed my buying habits, partially from necessity and partially from a new, frugal, proletariat boyfriend. We have a Grocery Outlet here (aka "ghetto grocery") that sells discounted stock from other chains. I usually pick up skin treatments such as vit. c, alpha hydroxy, wrinkle reducers etc. (all the current good science) along with any natural moisturizers they carry. Things that sell for $30 are discounted to $8 or $10. Rachel Perry, Alba, Zia etc.

I've found that applying moisturizers and serums regularly are key.

And one more tip — don't wash your face with soap in the morning, just rinse with warm water. It keeps all the natural oils in. For the evening, use only a small dab of mild cleanser, and a night cream.
Yeah, divorce had a lot to do with my facial cleanser/moisturizer purchasing habit change! I used to buy nothing but Clinique, but that had to change! And my boyfriend does not care at all for "any of that crap on your lips," so I don't end up wasting much money on lipstick these days.... ; )

YES, the peppermint zip of the Burt's Bee's lip shimmer is what I'm hooked on as well.
Oh me too . . . let us know! Thks. Monk!
Hello dears. There is a company called Sensaria (here: http://www.sensaria.com/ ) that I became familiar with a few years ago. Their stuff is all natural, and works very well. I really like the sea kelp scrub, and use it a couple of times a week. As others have mentioned, I hardly wear any make-up, but I do like my skin to feel healthy. I like Burt's Bees products too, and a few others that I buy from Merz Apothecary.
I have discovered an all natural product line right here in Raleigh that is manufactured by Mike and Patricia Anderson. I'm MAD for all their completely organic and natural products. So very reasonably priced, and everything (and I mean everything) is delicious and on par with products quadruple the price. Their lotions are to die for! As good as Kiehl - and the scented ones are divine! They have a face serum called Synergistic Serum (70% organic & 99.5% natural - and just 2 oz/ 60 ml so it's perfect to travel with) ) which I swear by. My skin looks fantastic since I started to use it religiously. It's not on their web site yet, I will ask them about it. Have a look around. I repeat - fabulous. Wonderful story about them too on the site. Enjoy!

Oh! Turquoise! I just remembered I owe you a PM! I'll get right on that. To answer your question though, Whole Foods in Cary is carrying the line last I heard, and I buy all mine at the Raleigh Farmers Market, in the inside Mall "market shoppes" behind the outside covered stalls. There is a large booth set up permanently with all the products. Plus, they save all the wonderful scented soap shavings and sell them in big sandwich bags for pennies, great to add to your washing and for hand washing things.
Their phone nbr. is on their web site: 919 - 233 - 0905
I'm hoping that they get into Ridgewood's WF's too.




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