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Let's start a new word game & add a tidbit about ourselves with each entry, a little insight.
One of Tab's words tonight gave me pause & I thought of this.
So, take the current word & form a new one by rearranging the letters &/or replacing, adding or subtracting one letter & then leave us with an anecdotal tidbit attached. '-)

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My friend Leslie cheats when we play Yhatzee!





I like to create art on walls.


(from 2 posts up) Quinn - you're such a girl. I love it. '-)



I like to treat my partner to Gluten-Free Desserts!



I need to keep my poor little crazy dog in a crate when I'm not home.


(...and ducatiman - I love your gf treats! xox '-)



I can keep a secret better than anyone I know.


Mrs.Pennypacker creates  a lovely image in her Valentine's Day dress.


I used to make Barney hammy treats. Would buy a whole ham, slice some of it for human consumption, and slice the rest for my favorite pooch. He loved pigs ears for a couple of years, but then decided he didn't like them anymore' I solved that problem temporarily by smearing bacon grease on the pig's ears. Geeze, I don't know HOW they get spoiled! Anyway, after he lost interest in the pigs ears, I made home made hammy treats in a dehydrater. He never got tired of those!!!!


The street down the street has a huge car consuming pot hole!



I must confess- I have not jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, and hence neither send nor receive any tweets.

I love your Barney stories, TeeBub.
sweets-- I am not very fond of sweets.



I love sliding b/t fresh, clean sheets.




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