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It's that time of year ...

The snow falls softly
Making its graceful journey
To silence below

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winter of the heart
obscurity gives way to
the soul's certain spring
glittering silver
streetlights on ice-laden trees
winter wonderland
fresh, brisk wintry air
sun sparkles silvery snow
good day for a walk
blizzard banshee howls
lightening in a pewter sky
sound of trees splitting
frozen appendage
beginnings of atrophy
seeks kiss from slumber
Deep-cold, bright sunshine.
The sting of air on the skin,
lessens in the light.
Life ebbing quickly
Now is the winter so cruel
Age is a season
Wonderful, Diana! SO good to see you!

spring becomes winter
our bodies betray our selves
souls...forever young
miles of white between
we shiver inside and out
yearning to be close

arms and hearts aching
only our souls can cross the
wintry distances
black sky poked by pins
icy streams pour from above
blue jay screams below
last days of winter
yearning to waken new life
nature takes its course
steady icy wind
footprints swallowed one by one
teary smile cracks wide




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