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It's that time of year ...

The snow falls softly
Making its graceful journey
To silence below

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scurrying squirrels

entombing nutty morsels

will be long winter

crisp, blue, sunny skies

ground's blanketed with brown leaves

bye fall- hi winter!

i glimpse your green scarf

your black curls silvered with snow

my heart beats wildly


rosy, dimpled cheeks

deep, warm kiss from chilly lips

your christmas star smile


everything i need

every gift i could desire

is wrapped up in you 


I love this haiku, DD! It's every gardener's truth...


turning the pages

golden sunflowers and wax beans

warm the frigid day




found a catalogue

i wish i could send the boy...

"totally 'maters"

stark white perfection

your crisp and even footprints

leading home to me

Electric heater

Low rumble provides some warmth

Your love provides more

Love this, Bruton!


snuggling with you

warmer than our best blanket

softer to the touch

Snow covers the ground
Protecting the new born sprouts
Bursting when spring comes

Solice of winter

Embracing  souls restful place

Longing for springs warmth 

tie the record high

two days later it's zero

winter or spring?

black cashmere topcoat
shoulders and curls crowned with white
kisses melt the snow




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