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When referring to these creatures as food, we call fish fish, chicken chicken, goat goat, duck duck, ostrich ostrich, turtle & tortoise turtle & tortoise... why do we call cow beef & hog pork? Why don't we say, "That cow off the grill was great!" or "May I have another helping of that hog roast?"

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Didn't work so well. Just saying...

I got it, Stir, but Quinn's response WAS funny! '-D
Although Quinn and I are like planets in the same solar system, our orbits rarely intersect. ;)
We say beef instead of cow because when we say cow, we think of a large gentle creature with great big eyes. That isn't the image you want when searing a chunk of it on the grill. The same with hogs. Well not really, cause then you thing of a great big ol sweaty porker standing in pig sh*t. Again, not the image you want right before digging in to that slab of ribs.
ummm... TeeBubba... do me a favor. THINK about what you've typed before you hit "Add Reply" & ask yourself,
"might this turn dg's stomach?" If the answer is "yes," or "maybe," please just keep it to yourself.

I need my denial intact in order to maintain my carnivorous tastes, tyvm. '-)
I don't know. I think TeeBub's answer sums it up pretty well.
Sorry if I was too gross. But...

"I need my denial intact in order to maintain my carnivorous tastes"

Is exactly my point.
Okay, already! Leave my denial alone, would you??

Okay, I can't leave this one alone, I have to elaborate... my bff & her partner are both vegetarians. I growl at her whenever I think of her philosophy, which I don't disagree with AT ALL, but again - I wish you people would leave my denial alone!
She says she decided to only eat what she could kill herself to eat; if she couldn't bring herself to kill something, then she wouldn't eat it. Hence, her vegetarianism. She sucks.
Has she ever killed a head of lettuce?
yep, doesn't have a bit of trouble w/that. Grows her own veggies, harvests, cleans, prepares them. Puts her money where her mouth is, that one.
From seed?
Any kind of pestisides being used at all?




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