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Since Kevin has left us I will start this back up with two of our favorite beauty's, SandraDee and Ivy Doolittle.

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My daughter, Little Miss Red

Um - Red - DZGD is my girlfriend - not my daughter!!! Don't you know that????! This was 35 years ago. And thanks - because she is just as beautiful today as she was then ( I happen to think even more so, maturity becomes her) - go to her page !
Hang in there SandraDee, We still LOVE You. I hope the pic's today haven't OFFENDED anyone, but you never know about some people are a little PRICKLY.

BTW, TSD, Sorry I thought that was your daughter. I will go to DZGD's page. I have commented to you before how beautiful she was and what a lucky guy you are to have her in your life.
Thank you Pru! Right ON! Okay - so we are guys and we are not always "PC" for Pete's sake. Dazz pipped up (gently and without any kind of hysterical "attitude' ) and Red posted great pictures of beautiful women in their sixties and beyond, Dazz posted a nice picture of her hero Lauren Hutton who is in her seventies, and she was satisfied that the thread was in fun and good spirits. But that's Dazz, beautiful inside and out because she understands men and lets us be MEN.

One more time. We are men. Let us be men once in awhile. I don't go assaulting the For Women Only Group if there is something I don't agree with !!!! If you don't like the thread or group - ignore it!!!!
OMG ! Come on people, lighten up ! Laughter is the best medicine. If you don't think it's funny or it offends you...there's a little thing called DON'T READ IT !!! Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you or any other member new or otherwise to stay on the thread. Pretty easy to just go to a different thread that you do enjoy.
The thing I always liked about TBD is the wide variety of interests, groups, threads, people.
TBD is supposed to be a 40+ site, therefore, I would hope, an adult would just roll their eyes and move on.
I think it is hilarious and I am enjoying it immensly.
There are some threads that I do not enjoy whatsoever and have found very opinionated and rude. Know what I do, guess... come on.... ok ...give up? I roll my eyes and go to a different thread that I do enjoy.
Sheeeeeeesh ... it's not brain surgery.
Lighten up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, have a great day everyone, laugh every chance you get and smile, it's contagious . Hugs to all ya all. :)
That a girl Ivy, WELL SAID!!!
Pru, You can make fun of my children and it will not offend me because I have a sense of humor and that is something my children have learned growing up with me. I will say it one more time. WE ARE JUST HAVING FUN!!!
Now--Now Pru!! I for one have always laughed with u!!
Pru, it is under your hat.
Wow!!! Nothing like having a site meltdown to lead to having members meltdown right along with it!! I am finding it offensive that we are arguing like it is a sibling rivalry here! I mean after all--aren't we all cybered brothers and sisters?? Now for those of u who were arguing--go to your cybered rooms without your cybered dessert--and don't come out until you can all agree to disagree!!
Sounds like a good plan, HEART.
Sound??? What sound?? Is there a sound going on here?? What does it sound like???

Hey Reds--Don't u know by now that if u are addressing me--U have to make your keyboard type nice and loudly????




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