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Since Kevin has left us I will start this back up with two of our favorite beauty's, SandraDee and Ivy Doolittle.

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all of these pics are KILLIN me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG ! snort .. chortle .. chuckle ... snort
Just havin' FUN, 1GL, Lol

OMG, Jack, Would that be the 1GL? She is HOT HOT HOT !!!

The beautiful 1GreatLady

Kevin, Jack, and Red, showing off their Beer Belly's.

I want my cartoon face on a nice body! The Karen face I know. The TBD face you see here is what I am.

Can you perform that miracle? You did it for Jack. Maybe you can do it for me.

What's with Kevin? I've been away for 2 days. I kill him and marry him again if I can find him.
The blue boob holders are mine and that is me. Thanks, Jack. The hair is fake, but who can tell?

Are they big enough for you, Karen? Lol

Nice TSD, I like the see through.




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