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Since Kevin has left us I will start this back up with two of our favorite beauty's, SandraDee and Ivy Doolittle.

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Y'know, I saw her on that stupidly vain reality series (name escapes me...) but damned if she didn't look great!!! I always thought she looked better than Farrah.
Ya, She sure enough does look GREAT. Time for some Cold One's, how about you?
Y'know Hugh? Hugh Damn Right!!!
OMG, Its Ivy!!! Isn't she the little Sex Kitten

snort ... chortle ... snort ... OMG OMG OMG
all of these damn pictures of everyone are f***in GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Red, for the inside skinny on this discussion. I needed a laugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two of our own HOTTIE'S, Ivy and Sandy.

lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooo Baywatch ... lmfao if we ran in those suits we'd have black eyes ... snort ... chuckle snort
Bonnie and Clyde

Hey Sandy--if I am that young can you bre......Uhmmmmmm....On 2nd thought--I will ask this question in private!
What??? Whhaatt?? What did I do?????

Yay, U Girls R A lookin' VERY HOT HOT HOT!!!




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