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What food don't you like?




Tags: Green Eggs & Ham, anchovies, grits (Q!), ketchup, peas

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No insects, no "Mountain Oysters," no organ meats other than liver, please.

Back in th fifties, my cousins from Syracuse came to visit. They hunted until they found the only Italian resturant in Charleston, WV that had Pizza. No one else in my family had ever seen one. My dad said he wouldn't eat something that looked like something that somebody else had already eaten. I always listened to my dad.

A couple years later I got drunk enough to eat a pizza. It's been all down hill since.

DD...those eyelash looking things...they're eyelashes.
Add some fresh tomato on top & I'll be there too Robbie. Thats my new thing...Fresh Tomato on Pizza. It's sooo good.

Are "those eyelash looking things" anchovies? Yuck!!!

"Valuable meat and cheese room"...hahaha...I love you DD.




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