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What food don't you like?




Tags: Green Eggs & Ham, anchovies, grits (Q!), ketchup, peas

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I like liver and onions too.
I  LOVE  calves liver & onions.   It's just that sticky issue with the "calves" part I have an issue with.  I sometimes wish my food never had a face.   :=/

o, me too!

I snack on them all the time, but cooked...BLEK

I hardly ever eat canned soup because of the damn carrots.

I can take or leave carrots, cooked or raw. I don't choose to eat them, but will eat them if I'm served them.
No possum for me, too greasy.
That Green Eggs & Ham pic is gross. I might havta change it. ;-p
I don't much care for the foods my doctor recommends.
You sure have done a good job of eating it anyway.
I've fallen off the food wagon most recently!

Coconut....absolutely cannot stand it...or even the smell. Why would I eat something that smells like suntan lotion.


Just so you know...I won't be participating in this thread.

I have never met a food group I don't like.  So there.  :-]

lol "-D




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