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Merlot or hard cider.... Merlot or hard cider....?


Could be book or TV... book or TV....?


Shower or not... Shower or not....?


TBD or fb... TBD or fb...?




Chores or read a magazine...


Laundry or clean the kitchen...


Crossword or Sudoku...


What's for After Dinner?

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I can't decide b/t a drink or a Tylenol PM. I'm definitely drugging myself so I'll go to sleep soon,

but I don't know whether I want to go w/alcohol or Tylenol. Too bad both is dangerous. ;-p

I've done both...you'll be fine....just late.
no, no, no.... I compromised. I'm having a hard cider.
Strawberry shortcake.....with a layer of Nutella under the strawberries and whipped cream.
d@mn, Bob! You can make dessert for me anytime!
He's messing w/you....there's no Nutella!
Good! I'm a purist. '-)
Now I'm Hungry.

ya know, I didn't quite eat enough dinner myself, Robbie.

We need a bedtime snack.

The Community Band played a little outdoor concert at the church across the street.

I listened to them, talked with the neighbors...enjoyed the beautiful night.

Quinn, you have a good life. :-)
I do and I am very grateful for that...




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