TBD on Ning


Merlot or hard cider.... Merlot or hard cider....?


Could be book or TV... book or TV....?


Shower or not... Shower or not....?


TBD or fb... TBD or fb...?




Chores or read a magazine...


Laundry or clean the kitchen...


Crossword or Sudoku...


What's for After Dinner?

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I snitched a chocolate malomar.
What's a malomar?

Mallomar Khadaffi

Good one, Miss Q.
Damn you're good....
I'll be checking in here periodically this evening......and maybe over to FB to see if Stir can stir up some mischief with Kevin and The Red One.

How is kevin?

I see Red here occasionally in the games.

Kevin is good....wistfully reminds us periodically of TBD1.  He was happy there.   He likes to be silly, like always.
I need to be soaking in a hot bath w/salts after dinner & then icing my butt, but I'm tired & I'd rather just hang out here w/you guys.
arrrgh.... I really need to go do that hot bath/salts thing.... I'll see you guys in a bit. :-(




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