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OK.....The results are in & I have plain old garden variety Cancer in my right breast.....This is not a sympathy thread because I dont even feel sorry for myself nor do I feel angry. What I am is sort of lost as to the avenue I want to take here. I have several choices.

I can have them go in & remove the lump & opt for radiation.

I can have the affected breast removed & opt for reconstructive surgery.

I can have affected breast removed & NOT have reconstructive surgery which would leave me lopsided.

I can have both breast removed & opt for reconstructive surgery.

I can have both removed & remain flat chested.

I am coming up with a big blank when I try to make any decision so.....I am not asking for advise here as I am going to be doing lots of reading & talking to plastic surgeons, people who administer  Radiation or even(possible) Chemo etc. befor I make any decisions. 

I am just curious to what you all think you might do? I am the same curious gal I have always been & I like you all contrary to what some of you may think. I get over stuff really fast & I find most everyone I have ever met on TBD interesting & worth the time of day...That means all of you.

Yeah, I go over the deep end sometimes...WEll, maybe more than sometimes, but I am really easy going & usually opt for a friend request rather than sit in my anger toward people forever.....Not saying that is wrong either....Just saying there are people here who I miss eventhough we dont get along all the time, I miss their companionship....

I have learned so much here. If you think I am a bad girl now, you should have met me when I first came here full of anger.....

It takes time, but with understanding....People grow. The silent treatment works too, but it is a puinishment......I can see through punishment to what is really behind it, so for those punishers out there.......NANANANANANA.

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My landlord gave me the e-mail of a woman who does alternative medecine..I will be calling her tomorrow I think....I want to get lots & lots of info.......I might be able to get her help with diet..That is so important....


Thanks Hun......My landlord gave me the e-mail of a woman who does alternative medecine..I will be calling her tomorrow I think....I want to get lots & lots of info.......I might be able to get her help with diet..That is so important....Florida Hosp has a cancer Center...They are pretty well known out here....they do clinical trials etc....supposed cutting edge new technology etc......It is where i went for my ovarian cancer which they cured with a operation & chemo.........Guess I'm lucky I'm only about 40 mins. away.......Thank-you for the offer of help if I was there.......Your a good lady



I'm not a doctor, nor have I had cancer or a lump in my breast, so my advice in that area is next to useless.


The best advice I can give is: Research carefully, and make the decision that seems right for you. And, know that we're all behind you during this.

Thank-you Snagg.......I will research carefully.....:)
Your attitude is what I started out with Marty & then the fears set in......reconstructive surgery means more operations..Oh the choices, but one has to be made......Jeesh.....I thought of having the one removed & the DR. said, but them you will be lopsided..... so....I looked at him & said..."I wouldn't want to be lopsided now would I".....It felt like a joke, but then I sort of had to look at that...It is lopsided afterall.......Oh hell....Choices choices.......I still may go that route....Remove the one & go for reconstruction..I would not need radiation or chemo if everything goes right. That is a very heavy possibility.....Thanks MartyMIll

Please, If you only have the opinion from one Dr., and or one biopsy, get other opinions. If possible go to another Dr in another City, and don't reveal the first opinion. Get a third if you can. Dr.'s are extrremely fallible and deadly!

My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer based on the biopsy of an enlarged lymph node in her mediastynum. Cancer was never seen in her lungs. She received 36 radiation treatments on the lymph nodes which collapsed 2 vertebrae in her spine and scarred her lungs. She also received 14 months of chemotherapy which destroyed her immune system.

She received her first treatment on her 62nd birthday 10/9/01 and died 1/9/09.

Richard Garvey


Awe Richard...I will be careful, believe me..I have some Dr. stories..One I have written here in this thread....Dr's need watching.....Best wishes to you as you move ahead in this life without your wife by your side..I hope your new road is not to rough & you find peace & happiness in new ways. ....Hugs....K
Sorry Casey. Been down the cancer trial many years ago...So many more options today....You are wise to examine the options and pick the best one for you. Whatever you choose you are truly loved by all here.
Hi There stillgoing..Nice to see you come over.......Thanks for the well wishes...Glad you are still with us MR...Hugs....K

Sending positive energy your way Caseyjo....I agree with what else is being said, you have to do what you feel is best for you. I think eating as healthy as possible is a good start. No processed foods, fresh fruits and veggies are a must. 

Hubby's sister opted for a lumpectomy when her breast cancer was discovered, several years later the cancer returned in the same breast. She passed away in 2004, we will always wonder if she had made a different choice in the beginning would she have survived. 

Hugs and prayers to you.

caseyjo, i'm here because Robbie pointed some of his friends this way.  i see a few folks i've known in other forums, that's heartening, and i'm glad to meet you!  wish it weren't in medically tough circumstances, tho'....

depending on what cell type, or what cancer type, you have (and you may already know about that), the least disfiguring surgery that gives the best odds of survival would be my choice -- lumpectomy w/ radiation and maybe chemo, if the lymph nodes show involvement, is often adequate and gives as good odds as does removing more tissue!  my mother and too many friends have been down this road, but i regret deeply that my mother let the surgeon get away with saying "i got it all, no radiation needed" because it came right back and never let up afterwards.  just because she was 72 didn't mean she didn't warrant radiation treatment!

if you can't do the "open MRI", i vote for xanax.  i used that when i had a needle biopsy of breast, last fall, and despite my needle-phobia, i managed to get thru w/o panic!  not to mention, the best night's sleep of my life, but the doc made me promise to have somebody else drive me, so i got my foster daughter to do that, and she laughed herself silly at mom being high as a kite!  and i was for the 2nd time, a lucky one, after that biopsy.  but i know the fear, for sure.

as for when you have to decide, what you'll decide, i think maybe you can wait a few extra days until you settle on what feels right to you.  trust your gut, if you get that feeling -- it won't lead you astray.  

scary that you've already survived ovarian cancer, but hallelujah that you got that one early enough TO survive -- you must know your body pretty well, to have picked up on those symptoms!  may you have the same good fortune this time.

Hi Lynn...Nice to meet you & very nice of Robbie to send you......This thread has turned out to be great...Lots of good information & feelings all the way around......I had the biopsy already...Thought I was going for a consultation, but the office assistant told me to take off shirt & put on paper shirt....next thing they moved me to another room after the exam & WALA......They numbed the spot & it was over in no time....Thats how they knew for sure it was cancer, but the Doc calls it garden variety..common.I was pretty sure it was cancer after I origionally read the ultra-sound report which said highly suspect Cancer with calcifications.I think there were two of those in addition to the lump. The biopsy confirmed it......

I went to Open MRI of sanford & they talked me into a closed MRI, but today I looked at a pic of their MRI machine..No Way Hose....I am calling that one off & opting for a OPEN.....Was trying to get away without radiation, but I have already made my own appointment to talk to the radiologist this coming Thursday......The MRI was schedualed for the end of this month...hope I can get the OPEn MRI for the same day....After I take care of those 2 things & talk to my Cancer DR (I had ovarian Cancer 2004 & always figured I have been living on borrowed time) I will take everything I have read here in my Thread along with everything the Dr.s tell me & make a decision.......Wow..I always thought it would be easy to say off with them both, but it is not at all when it comes down to it...There is so much to learn about....

So sorry to hear about your Mother.....mine had LYMPG gland Cancer...Thats all they would tell me....She only lived 6 months after they found it and she was only 50 years old.

This cancer stuff is a bitch...Wish your Mom would have gotten the radiation, she might still be with you.

Lynn.....Nice meeting you & hope to see you around here from time to time.....Kathy (CJ)




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