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wink wink, nudge nudge, any time Pru!
Mexican Train Dominoes, anyone?

D, How do you play Mexican Train Dominoes. They play that at a some of the RV parks. I grew up playing regular dominos. I even have a set of Double Nines in the RV. But I never heard of Mexican hat until I came to the RV Park here in Livingston.
I love it, Robbie! I played just about every Saturday night for about 3 years w/a fun, motley crew at a Starbucks in SE Michigan. You can look the game up o/l, or it comes w/the sets of double 12's that I've seen. You need at least 4 people for an enjoyable game; 5 -7 ppl is ideal in my opinion & over 8 at one game is too many. It's a lot of fun. More strategy involved than in Chicken Foot. Unless I'm missing something, that one is simply the luck of the draw & no strategy.
If you make it out to Atlanta, we'll rustle up a game at the local Starbucks.
taking photos of day old fawns.
I like to play on the computer. I like to look things up, go to social networking sites, game sites, etc.
Sex ... and it's way pastime I've had any .........
I really like playing Hearts or Spades. Actually I like most card games and board games.




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