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I will begin with...


~ What color are your eyes?
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What color is your shirt?

royal purple

What color are your sheets?

Red, not bright red, more like brick red.

What color is your favorite coffee cup?

flower pattern on light green

What color is your living room rug(s)?

Most of the carpet is a burgundy that I don't like. (shows every cat hair) But we have an oriental rug in the family room that I really like, and actually picks up some of the color of the carpet I don't like.(what a dilemma)

What is your least favorite color?


What is the color of your bedroom walls?

One wall a mountainous fall scene (wall paper), the rest peachy beige.

What color is your favorite flower?


What is the color of the shirt you wear the most.


What color hair (fur/feathers/scales :>) ) does the person (or animal) you love most have?


What color is your favorite blanket?

moss green

What color was/is your favorite car?

mustard-colored (an old Comet from the mists of time)

What is your favorite color for the kitchen walls/




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