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If you could find someone special, what are you looking for?  What matters most to you at this point in life?

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Does he do windows? 

Never mind; he doesn't have to!  :-)

Karin, he can even make a mess around the house. :)  I better go to sleep before I get in trouble on here looking at that specimen. 

You can't go to sleep!  The Ravens are still losing  ......I mean, playing!  ;-)

My meds won out last night, but my son filled me in about the loss.  That really wasn't a great game, but they are still getting to know the guys they are playing with. 

Peyton got robbed last night!  He joined the elite group of qbs who have thrown 7 td passes in one game, but he would've broken the record if the idiot receiver hadn't dropped the ball inches from the goal line!   I am sure the Ravens are gonna get better.  They are a pretty good team, and they have a good coach.  Manning was just in the zone last night. 


I didn't recognize her at all Tim.  I watch Price is right everyday.  Baby loves the show.

I love Jeopardy.  It keeps the mind working, sometimes.

I leave y'all alone for 2 seconds and you go off the subject.  I knew I liked y'all for a reason...hehe.

Suthin! How ya doin, Girlfriend? You know we can't stay on the straight and narrow path. We wander all over the place.....it's what we do, it's who we are. ;-)

don't blame me,it's all yous guys.

Hey Suthin.  Good to see you.  You know we love to play all day long.  Tim, y'all can't give us all the credit.  Hope you are all having a good start to the weekend. 




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