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I had a great new chicken burger for dinner tonight!
No, I am not being paid to market these (although that's a really good idea! '-)
I bought these Murray's Chicken Burgers at the grocery store the other day b/c they were labeled Gluten Free & were Certified Humane in their raising & handling practices.
Honestly, the sound of a "chicken patty" is not appealing to me, but the labeling lured me into buying a package. I cooked them for dinner tonight and decided to try one naked to see how they were. THEY"RE GREAT! Oh, my gosh! Seriously they are DELICIOUS.
Okay, that's all. 
thanks for letting me share... 

...I'll shut up now.

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BIG SIGH! And here I am sitting by myself, eating nekkid, with my sweetie 1160 miles away!
lol! Well, TeeBubba... you have a sweetie 1160 miles away to pine for - that's sweet in & of itself.
and we're in the same boat... my love is 948 miles away.

But only for a few more weeks, and then a whollllllllle new chapter starts in our lives!

What is the name of this book you're talking about?




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