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Difficult for most of us...

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Birdie hanging on
wanting to stay, but going...
when the time is right
when was that move
struggling for completion
bishop idly mused
good things come for some
why do they say we must wait?
we all want it now
the soul says, "why rush?"
but the future can't be known
the body screams, "NOW!"
patience a virtue
one more of life's challenges
we're tested each day
waiting for that call
pins and needles point upwards
pricking my backside
Ha! I know that bed o' nails....
waiting for her call
why, some ask, anticipate
hearts still connected
waiting for a dream
believing in our great love
trusting its rightness
Wait for what we must,
but meanwhile, do what we can
the river still flows.
wanting to lose wait
rid of those excess minutes
slim waste for action
dreaming of your love
feeling you drawing nearer
electrical sparks




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