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Oh baby, oh baby!

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Easter Sunday, 2015.  31° and snowing.  It snowed all day, although the temperature did get above freezing off and on, so only about 1/2 inch accumulation. I believe it was colder and snowier today than at Christmas.  Bah!  Humbug!

I made a nice dinner for the two of us, with lots of leftovers.  Tomorrow I'll take some up to my newly-widowed friend.

You're lucky. (Sigh)

Hate to tell ya, but we had a beee-yew-ti-fool Easter, with sunshine and warm temps to the point where my husband's niece (we got a last-minute invite to her house) opened the windows! Yoicks!

And at one time there were 5 guitars going at once. Yeeks!

What I did today:  went to work, walked two miles round trip downtown to pay my safe deposit box rental and my water and sewer taxes, did laundry, helped make supper, finished and submitted the taxes, and made my lunch for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is more of the same -- my mother's taxes, too.

Carol! Slow down, girl! Especially the laundry part!

And the taxes! Let 'em wait .... oh, wait ....

And what are YOU doing these days, Mr. Retirement?

Well...let's see...yesterday I looked out the window...

Today, I'll probably follow up on that...

Yeah -- the problem with crazy productive days like that are I feel I earn a rest the next day, and I rarely can do that.

Hey, folks,

I was just looking at the egg carton in my refrigerator when I noticed that NOWHERE on the carton does it identify exactly what kind of eggs they are. This could be something quite serious...especially if it could be determined that the eggs may not be from chickens. I mean what if the eggs that we eat so much of actually came from dogs, or weasels, or even worse?

Can somebody please look into this and get back to me.


Vampire eggs! They suck you!

See? Marilyn understands the danger we face!

And then there's the matter of grapefruit spoons and knives. You just c an't find them anywhere anymore. Now, you've got me thinking, Marilyn. Have they all been taken off the market for some arcane vampire rituals? When was the last time you spotted a grapefruit spoon or knife> A new one - not at family heirloom, or the venerable tableware at the Four Seasons. We're talking Target, Sears, Walmart....




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