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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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I have begun moving into the bland category

Aan old friend from long ago has resurfaced to pay you a holiday visit

Sadly, no.

You've never crashed a party.

Yes, I have, but in those times and with those people, they didn't hold it against you. 

You had parties that other people have crashed.

Yup. But, as you said, it was no problem.

Asian food doesn't taste the same when you use a fork rather than chopsticks.

Not sure. I am sloppy with chopsticks and usually use a fork

You are graceful with your chopsticks.

I wouldn't say "graceful."  Proficient, probably.

You used to have a nickname.

Yeah. In high school. A few friends called me "Brettchen, " because I liked Brett Maverick on TV. Isn't that silly?

You have chosen to slightly alter your moniker from time to time over the years, as change seemed appropriate.

(Not silly at all! I love it!)

Yes, I have.

You know at least 1 transgender person.

Gay folk, but no transgenders.

You know at least one artist who has come to the attention of the public 

I do.

You have a favorite Christmas ornament.

From the 50s, a red plastic sleigh with a red plastic Santa to go in it. His bag is empty, ready to fill

You like the classic Christmas music, not the modern stuff so much

I like both, depending on the song of course.

You like your Christmas wrap to coordinate.




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