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Please answer TRUE or FALSE to each

statement, then leave another one

for the next person, and I will begin with ~

You know how to eat


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wow, what were those things called?  were they starched?!?  don't remember that.  what were they called though.  not petticoats.  can can slips!!  I think it was just the stiff netting that made them stand out.  Yeah, I had 2 or 3.

you have eaten an insect on purpose (and before you wonder, no, I haven't.  but I've wondered about the chocolate-covered ones.)


(crinolines, that was the word; in New England, anyway. they called them that.)

you like apples only in the fall and winter; other times the don't appeal

false, but I rarely eat them without peanut butter or cheese or something.  I love apples sauteed with just a little butter and sugar or honey.

He would have been better off with Juliette Lewis in the first place.

not sure

you think that fool brought it on himself, and you have no sympathy for him

sure, whatever

you'd rather pick up all the sticks, rocks, etc. than mow


you'd rather rake leaves than use one of those gas blower things

true or let 'em lie

you have used a crowbar


you fix things with duct tape and paper clips

tape, true; clips, false

sticky notes were a great invention


you have your very own well-stocked  tool box


you know someone who has a birdbath but you don't know who cleans it


You are thinking about using one of those genetic testing services, just for the fun of it




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